OSCON CFP Submissions


(From the OSCON Site) It’s a 20th anniversary celebration this year at OSCON, the longest running conference with open source as the central theme. And as you’ve come to expect, we are making some adjustments that continue to focus OSCON on how open source is a catalyst for innovation and transformation. Each and every track has been selected because of its open source nature and the significant change it presents to software development. Some of the trends we are going to be highlighting are AI, evolutionary architecture, blockchain, the SMACK stack, emerging languages such as Go, Kotlin, and Rust, cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, and edge computing.

OSCON Portland 2018 CFP Questions

  • Proposed title
  • Description of the presentation (400char/65 words)
  • Suggested main topic (secondary topic)
  • Abstract (3-6 paras)
  • Audience takeaways (brief)
  • Prereq skills for audience (brief)
  • Session conceptual, or how-to?
  • Audience information: who the presentation is for
  • For tutorial proposals: hardware installation, materials, and/or downloads attendees will need in advance
  • Speaker(s): biography and hi-res headshot (minimum 1400 pixels wide; required)
  • Prerequisite knowledge and/or requirements needed by attendees
  • A video of the speaker
  • Reimbursement

Shane is founder of Punderthings℠ LLC consultancy, helping organizations find better ways to engage with the critical open source projects that power modern technology and business. He blogs and tweets about open source governance and trademark issues, and speaks at open source conferences like ApacheCon, OSCON, All Things Open, Community Leadership Summit, and Ignite. More about the author →