Data visualizations wanted for my talk: for a live talk

Nick has the spreadsheet of data.

Important concepts to show the audience

  • Comparison of relative c3 finances
    • Nice graphs showing annual revenue and total assets for past 5 years for each (one slide at a time)
      • Apache software foundation
      • NumFocus
      • Software Freedom Conservancy
      • Mozilla Foundation
      • Also want to show the averages for all c3s of average revenue, and average assets across 5 years
        • Totals for all c3s
        • Totals for all c3s excluding the outliers: Wikimedia Foundation, Mozilla Foundation (both of which are financial and organizational outliers)
  • Comparisons of Total Revenues over 5 years, log scale (compressed); then same graph again, but normal scale (shows Linux foundation as far outlier)
    • Apache Software Foundation
    • NumFocus
    • Software Freedom Conservancy
    • Linux Foundation
  • Set of bubble charts, building up a story of revenue and asset disparities for most recent year
    • Bubble showing average c3 organization funds in USD: avg assets: 6M USD, avg revenue 3.5M
    • Add a bubble showing just Mozilla Foundation assets: 75M and revenue: 30M
    • Add a bubble showing just Wikimedia Foundation assets: 231M and revenue: 158M
    • Add a bubble showing totals for all c3s minus outliers (Wikimedia, Mozilla, EFF): assets: 76M revenue: 80M

In a different color/column, show c6 asset levels:

  • top 7 c6 organizations, not including LF: assets: 15M, revenue: 24M