AnchorJS Build Status

A JavaScript utility for adding deep anchor links (like these) to existing page content. AnchorJS is lightweight, accessible, and has no dependencies.

See Live Examples in the Documentation.

Anchoring links


Download AnchorJS using npm,

npm install anchor-js

or bower:

bower install anchor-js --save-dev

(or just download it from github).

Then include the anchor.js file (or anchor.min.js) in your webpage.

<script src="anchor.js"></script>

You could also include it via a CDN like CDNJS or jsDelivr.

##Usage See the Documentation for detailed instructions.


Currently Supports: IE9+ and modern browsers

Contributing devDependency Status

To contribute:

  1. Fork/Clone the repo.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Write tests as needed.
  4. Run tests locally to confirm everything is working:
    • Install phantomjs: brew install phantomjs
    • Install test modules: Run npm install
    • Run all tests: npm test
  5. Minify the code: npm run release
  6. Submit a Pull Request.


Licensed with the MIT License.