Five Things I Never Could Have Imagined Doing

Lightning Talks - quick 5 minute talks, no slides, about anything related to Apache - are a tradition at ApacheCon. I returned as co-host for the Lightning Talks in 2017, and also gave my own heartfelt talk.

Five Things I Never Could Have Imagined Doing


After many years of giving my traditional Why I Love The ASF Lightning Talk, this year Rich Bowen (Mr. ApacheCon) took up that mantle, and gave his own talk about why he cares so deeply about Apache. That meant I was finally free to give a new talk!

Five things I never could have imagined doing - if you had told me earlier in life I would be doing open source, or starting a family - I wouldn’t have believed you. There are a couple of ideas that wouldn’t even have made sense to me earlier in life - not just that I wouldn’t do something, but that thing was even possible.

The rest of the video includes Jim and I hosting, and plenty of other great Apache speakers too!

Real life comes first. And it often surprises you.


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