The Apache Way

For a great team building event OSS@Comcast, I updated my Apache Way talk to focus on a few of the key issues their corporate development teams neded to adopt in their journey to broader open source leadership.

The Apache Way - Effective Open Source Project Management


The Apache Way is useful for organizations and individuals to be more effective at working in distributed communities. Open source does not necessarily mean open development - and true community-led open development is where the fun starts in working in FOSS!

There are a lot more aspects to consider and areas to invest in as you move forward through the open source journey. These are just the starting points to work on.

A key reminder: open source works best when you’re working with softare that you actually use. Taking the time to choose which teams or projects that you open up or participate is well worth the investment to keep your team’s efforts focused.

The behaviors you can use to succeed at Apache.


Shane has been involved at the Apache Software Foundation since 1999, and serves as Director and VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding and working with all 200+ Apache projects on community management, trademarks, and branding issues.
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