The Apache Way

For ApacheCon Miami 2017, I built a completely new slide deck about The Apache Way, that focuses directly on actionable information: the behaviors of successful collaborative open source projects.

The Apache Way - Effective Open Source Project Management


Join us all day Wednesday for six expert sessions about the Apache Way, the ASF’s tried and proven set of behaviors and practices for effective open source project management that encourages long-lived successful projects.

Come learn from core committers and officers at the ASF how we help support the 170+ Apache projects in their successes, as well as how you can get involved either as an individual or a company in the ASF. Learn the best ways to engage with projects, and how to successfully structure a project to come to the Apache Incubator.

This session will introduce the core concepts and inform you on which sessions during the day are the best fit for you or your organization to attend!

The behaviors you can use to succeed at Apache.


Shane has been involved at the Apache Software Foundation since 1999, and serves as Director and VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding and working with all 200+ Apache projects on community management, trademarks, and branding issues.
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