State of the Feather

The State of the Feather is an annual overview presentation explaining what the ASF is and how our operations have unfolded over the past year.


The State of the Feather covers the basic statistics about number of projects, committers, sponsors, and the like. It also reviews any of the major Apache-wide changes or news from the past year. It is given by an ASF Foundation leader each year at ApacheCon conferences.

In Fall 2015, the ASF had 8 platinum sponsors, 167 top level projects (with 43 podlings in the Incubator), well over 4,000 individual committers, and an annual budget of about USD 1 million. We also sent about 1 billion emails during the year, served 13 million unique visitors weekly, from every UN recognized country in the world, plus a number of territories and other regions.


Shane has been involved at the Apache Software Foundation since 1999, and serves as Director and VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding and working with all 200+ Apache projects on community management, trademarks, and branding issues.
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