Policing Apache Project Brand Use By Third Parties

You want your open source project to get used, but how do you get the credit you deserve? Learn how to protect your trademark with these simple steps, and ensure companies are respecting your brand.


Wondering what to do about the new BestHadoopNews.com website? Don’t know how to approach your employer’s plans to launch BigCo’s SuperLucene product? Need help advising your clients on branding Apache project related services or training or documentation or…?

Brand policing and dealing with third parties improperly using your Apache project’s brands is a difficult topic to raise. Find out about the existing PMC Branding Reporting Guidelines, and have a chance to ask the expert questions on how to approach third parties. Learn about the kinds of uses of Apache project brands that are not an issue, or are nominative use, and learn how important it is to defend our project logos.

The strong reputation of your project and Apache overall relies on every PMC policing their own brand effectively and fairly. Get help here!

Getting the credit you deserve in open source.


Shane has been involved at the Apache Software Foundation since 1999, and serves as Director and VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding and working with all 200+ Apache projects on community management, trademarks, and branding issues.
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